Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Exercise - Using Texture

I definitely hit a wall with this section, as you may have noticed from my previous entry. However, I have now finally completed the exercise for the ‘Using Textures’ section. It wasn’t a case that I lost confidence it was more that I was unable to open up my mind to see textures I could draw. I am actually quite pleased with the outcome of my ruffled fabric and wooden woven basket thumbnails.

I also wanted to experiment with texture in nature and used various mediums and tools to create drawings with a nature theme. I really enjoyed this mini project and really like the level of texture I was able to create using twigs, leaves and flowers. I feel this had the most visual impact rather than drawings I did using colour pencils and water colour pencils. These were achieved through printing; dipping the objects in acrylic paint and pressing them on to the paper. I now need to move on to the final drawing for the using texture section. I would like to use the wicker basket and ruffled fabric as I feel these were my strongest images.

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